I don’t watch movies the same way

I don’t watch movies the same way anymore.

My worldview has changed.

My reading list has changed.

I’ve changed.

I was taught patriarchy, rape culture, and white supremacy that was packaged as a quality education.

I turned off 15 Minutes. It was what I used to want in a movie. Action, good guys, bad guys. It stars some big-name actors.

The yellow card was thrown at the gratuitous violence against women. A man shows another man two photos of a murdered woman. She’s nearly naked. I assumed that was to get a PG-13 rating, but I checked and its rated R. Fine, a +1 for the fact that she wasn’t naked.

Regardless, it was clearly an appeal to prurient interests merged with the on-going graphic victimization of women in film. Yes, it’s a crime story and the viewer needs to know she was brutally raped and murdered. But it’s tired. I’m tired. Enough with the movies where a key plot point is a dead, naked, brutalized woman and a gaggle of men riding in on their white horses to save the day.

Next up was the red card moment.

There is a scene where a fire marshall portrayed by Edward Burns handcuffs a mugger portrayed by David Alan Grier to a tree and leaves him. He has more important things to do than following standard arrest procedures.

It’s a throwaway scene meant to be funny. Maybe David’s character handcuffed to a tree becomes integral to the plot in a future scene. I’ll never know. I stopped watching.

A year ago I probably would have laughed at it. Not now. Now I see a black man robbed of his dignity. For a laugh.

A black man. A police officer. A tree. Let me tell you how much white supremacy laughed…



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